2018 Made in Minnesota Manufacturing Awards

From circuit boards in space to snowmobiles on the tundra, products made in Minnesota have been changing how we view the world. They can be found in operating rooms, kitchen pantries and office cubicles and on construction sites, world-class athletes and railroad tracks. Each year, Minnesota Business magazine celebrates our state's ingenuity with our Made in Minnesota Manufacturing Awards. This year's winners and finalists will be honored in our September/October issue and at an awards event held at the Machine Shop on September 20, 2018. 

If you know of a company that should be honored, please complete our nomination form. Self-nominations are allowed. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the criteria for each category. To be considered, the company must be currently headquartered in Minnesota with more than 50% of its products manufactured in the U.S.

  • Best In Class - Small (10-50 employees) 
  • Best In Class - Mid-Size (51-250 employees) 
  • Best In Class - Large (251+ employees) 
  • Sustainability / Sustainable Product 
    • This award recognizes manufacturers who are successfully developing, adapting, or modifying production processes to protect the environment or sourcing responsibly. We want to hear how manufacturers are going above and beyond to think about the world around them.
  • Game Changing Product and/or Design 
    • This award recognizes manufacturers that are creating or designing products (three years old or less) that are changing the game in their industry. This could be products that are easier to use, saving lives, improving safety or just doing something in a new way. 
  • Best Startup
    • This award recognizes promising new manufacturer (five years old or less) in any area that exhibits ingenuity, early growth, an eye for scalability and potential for making an impact in the industry.
  • Supply Chain Innovators 
    • This award recognizes companies that are innovating the supply chain in manufacturing. This award can go to manufacturers or partners of manufacturers that are helping revolutionize any point of the supply chain. 
  • Workforce Engagement 
    • This award recognizes manufacturers who are tackling the changing workforce head on and helping employees build new skills, creating apprenticeships, training programs, education partnerships and creative recruitment processes. 
  • Community Impact 
    • This award recognizes manufacturers who are social responsible giving back to the communities they work in through employee volunteer programs, donations or service. 
  • Innovator of the Year 
    • Awarded to an individual who has made major accomplishments in Minnesota’s manufacturing industry in the last few years. The nominee should have at least five years of executive leadership experience in manufacturing.
  • Emerging Leader 
    • Awarded to an individual who has entered a leadership role within the past five years, made significant accomplishments and appears poised for further success
  • Lifetime Achievement
    • Awarded to an individual who has displayed a lifetime of excellence and made major contributions to Minnesota’s manufacturing industry over the past 20 years.

Nominations close on April 27, 2018. 

Past winners can be found here: 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 

Know of a company, person or product that doensn't quite fit these categories? Shoot us an email! We'd still like to hear from you. 

Questions about the nomination process can be directed to Sarah Mosier

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