Minnesota Business magazine sat down with Scott Mikesh, president and executive director of Art Buddies, a nonprofit that pairs students with creative professionals to inspire and encourage the next generation’s creativity. We wanted to know: How does Mikesh express his own creativity, and what does art mean to him?   

Once upon a time, there was a business owner, who we’ll call “Joe.” Joe struggled for years to build his business into what he thought should be possible. He was convinced the marketplace needed what he had to offer. Yet, after 15 years, all he had was a $60,000 note at the bank to show for his work.

Too often when we think of health and wellness, we think of diet plans and workout regimens because that’s how society tells us we’re supposed to achieve well-being. Studio/E member Pilar Gerasimo is here to challenge that trope.

From the moment you meet Adrienne Diercks, it’s clear you’re speaking with someone who is grounded, thoughtful and present in a way most of us aren’t. As executive director and founder of Project SUCCESS, Diercks, along with her team, has been helping some 13,000 Minneapolis students in grades 6–12 “dream about their futures and take the steps to get there” every year.

I once overheard a local business owner say that Duluth is a great place to visit or attend school because it’s stuck in the ‘90s. It has the feel of a working-class city inspired by an eclectic arts scene.

In a 2003 study published in Family Business magazine, authors Joseph H. Astrachan and Melissa Carey Shanker found that family businesses accounted for up to 64% of U.S. GDP and 62% of U.S. employment.

Past double glass doors, a swath of polished parquet floor greets visitors to a compact fourth-floor suite in U.S. Bank Plaza’s north tower, in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. The floorboards are NCAA regulation, the same type traveled up and down by America’s top collegiate basketball players in arenas across the country.

The robots are here.

I’m not talking about the human-looking, talking variety — not yet, at least. The robots that are working in many Minnesota companies today have arms and grippers. Manufacturers are considering the advantages of robotics and other automation to increase productivity, reduce labor shortages and enhance workplace safety.

Say what you will about millennials, one thing is certain: Their hearts are big. Their insistence on doing good while doing business is the driving force behind more companies of all sizes incorporating corporate social responsibility (CSR) into their business plans.