Ok, admit it. When was the last time you took your professional self in for a physical exam? Four years? Seven? If you're like the majority of business professionals, it may have been even longer.

Brooklyn Center-based brewery Surly Brewing is planning to construct a new destination brewery, a move that was in direct response to high customer demand for its beer, according to the company’s blog.

In banking, numbers tell the story. If so, these numbers have the making of a tragedy: In 2000 there were 513 community banks in Minnesota. Now we have 332, a drop of 35% in just 15 years. What’s going on?  There are two factors at play according to Joe Witt, president of the Minnesota Bankers Association.

From fighting terrorism to the Wikileaks phenomenon to full-body scanners at airports, it's safe to say we're obsessed with national security. But what about security for the regular business? What can companies do to protect themselves?
Unfortunately, there isn't a right answer to this question.

Looking for Leads in All the Wrong Places?

I still remember the first check I wrote for my own car insurance. Age 21. Still in college. I sat across from the agent at my wobbly, red kitchen table in the above-the-garage apartment I shared with two other girls. As I was signing my name "Betsy" on the line, the agent uttered a phrase I will never forget.

David Amor, president and founder of Medgineering.

Young entrepreneurs are not just cashing in on their innovative ideas and products, they’re also deeply invested in ushering in the next wave of entrepreneurs.

Editor's note: This article is part of the Helping Creatively feature that appeared in our December 2012/January 2013 issue.

Everyone knows that individuals and entities can use bankruptcy to protect themselves from their creditors. It is less common, however, for creditors to use bankruptcy to protect themselves from individuals and entities transferring assets or preferring one creditor over another. When creditors initiate a bankruptcy case, it is referred to as an "involuntary" bankruptcy.