We hope this issue will help you reflect on the idea of a workplace culture and how to improve it. But first, we need to understand the idea of what a culture is. When I was growing up, to be cultured meant that you attended operas and art openings, and knew which fork to use in formal settings. But then the Beatles and Andy Warhol got big, so we had pop culture.

The thousands of employees who took our anonymous online survey totally disagreed with each other by saying the same thing: I work at the best place! Oh sure, the raw numerical scores allow the Best in Class companies to rise to the top of the pack, but the underlying truth is that we have 100 winners.

Mujeres de HACE Kick-off
June 7, 2017, 6:00 – 8:00 PM

If you ask people what kind of qualifications they would expect from a business owner, “professional boxer” probably wouldn’t be on the list. Yet this is exactly what qualifies Dalton Outlaw to run Element Gym, the world’s first co-working and collaborative-benefit corporation gym.

This month's Industry Watch + takes a closer look at retention, including results from our 100 Best survey on what employees really want and insight on choosing the right benefits for employees.

Last year, MN Cup and Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest, partnered to create a new Youth Division for our annual competition, supporting students 18 years of age and younger. We were thrilled with the first year’s results. With nearly 100 entrepreneurs in the division, 60% of the applications were female-led, the most of any division.

Much has changed in the way we do business since 1921, when the James J. Hill Center was founded.  Businesspeople then likely never imagined the creation of tools like the internet, email, or social media, but one thing remains constant for business success both then and now: the need for competency in real-life interpersonal communication.

We cell phone owners shell out a small fortune when we purchase our devices, then use them incessantly, loading them with our texts, phone numbers and data and using them for directions, status updates and capturing images; many of us admit we even sleep with them.

For some designers, less is more. The exact opposite is true of Mode-sty, a fashion company that sells women’s clothing with a focus on modesty — high necklines, low hemlines and sleeves — rare in mainstream modern styles.