Wondering why you should work or do business in Minneapolis? Thousands of reasons for living in the city streamed in through Twitter last week
The Minneapolis brewing company will announce the winner of its second annual Brewer For the Day competition in August

Minnesota Chamber President David Olson

The long-time Minnesota Chamber of Commerce president died of cancer at age 57
A range of new job opportunities became available to Minnesotans throughout the month of June, combating joblessness and bringing a second month of job growth
The sports technology company secured a total of $29 million in Series D funds with the addition of Taylor Corp. and Univision
The program's Twin Cities debut will take place at the James J. Hill Center
The Minneapolis-based design firm will give a nonprofit a free website and marketing makeover through it’s Nonprofit Web Rescue initiative
The Minneapolis Chamber, Metro Transit, and businesses alike took to Twitter this week to prepare fans for the All-Star Game at Target Field.
Technology innovators have until July 18 to submit an application for the 2014 Tekne Awards hosted by MHTA