Breakfast Networking Group

From the organizer:

Drama, drama, drama — our culture is steeped in it. And like junkies, we indulge whether we want to or not. Drama disrupts productivity, interferes with engagement, derails outcomes and delays results. But it doesn’t have to be that way! When you know what’s driving workplace drama and learn to respond to it effectively, you can create the success you aspire to. The result isn’t a destination, but a way of living — a way that can make your work life easier, more fun and more fulfilling. In this interactive presentation you will:

  • Understand what drama really is and identify when it’s active in your workplace
  • Discover the top 3 factors underlying drama so you can spot it before it sucks you in
  • Pick up tools to transform difficult situations at work into opportunities to thrive.

Jennifer Kern Collins has a Bachelor of Business Administration, a Master’s in Psychology, and is a Professional Certified Coach. The author of The Drama-Free Way: A Thought-Management Guide to Navigating Chaos and Thriving, Jennifer offers audiences a fun, interactive experience that transforms their thinking and elevates them above the drama to thrive authentically in all areas of their lives.