Thailand is the United States’ 25th biggest trading partner by total value of exported goods, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Read More

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Before the infamous breach that compromised millions of personal records, before the disastrous Target Canada campaign, before the layoffs that shook the Twin Cities retail community to the core, there was the Target Pregnancy Debacle. (At least, that’s what we’re calling it.) Read More
Some business owners focus on growing their profits, while others are obsessed with sales goals. Have you ever considered making it a goal to structure your business to run without you? Read More

These comments are a counterpoint to a Perspectives we published in February’s issue of Minnesota Business. That month contained our CEO Survey. Read More
A fertile relationship is growing between anthropology and business. Marketers are finding that anthropologists gather very useful knowledge by studying consumers in their natural habitat using the ethnographic techniques of observation and interviewing. Read More
In our CEO roundtable groups, we often discuss why leaders aren’t making progress toward their goals — and this question comes up. Getting to the why of a business goal seems simple, but the distractions of sales and production and employees can bury this message. There is no point in a business if no one wants what you’re selling. Read More

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With his genial grin and wrestler’s build, Alex Rodriguez is a familiar face and form at events that connect professionals of color.
As he turns 23 this month, the local A-Rod, as he is sometimes called, is a power-hitter on the startup scene.
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The next time you visit the refurbished State Capitol in St. Paul, keep an eye out for the new recycling containers. There are 612 of them throughout the Capitol Complex. They were part of a $300,000 contract between the state and Lindstrom-based Facility Sourcing Direct, led by President Lynn Johnson. Read More