Engineering & Manufacturing Event - Executive Breakfast

From the organizer:

Do you know what factors keep you from meeting your objectives? Have you identified every opportunity to improve efficiency, profitability, and time-to-market? Do you have a plan to realize your desired state?

During this event you’ll see a 1-hour condensed version of Dennis Eidem’s wildly successful 4-hour “Cost of Chaos” seminar series. We will present the result of decades of experience and research into common challenge areas for discrete manufacturers and engineering organizations. You’ll learn which challenges are most common and gain an understanding of the ROI you can expect by addressing these areas with your continuous improvement efforts.

Dennis will also present our approach to defining an organization’s current and desired state – The EAC Product Development System Assessment. Our team works with companies of all sizes and industries to align entire organizations to a common understanding of the entire quote-to-cash product development process. The deliverable? A tangible road map to make your desired state a reality.