Keeping Score

Two Minnesota companies built the giant US Bank Stadium scoreboards

By Tessa Grantier
Tue, 2016-11-29 10:28

The brand-new US Bank Stadium boasts a dozen cutting-edge features including a transparent ceiling, color-changing LED lighting and stadium-wide Wi-Fi, but arguably, the most noticeable features are the two 120-foot-wide video monitors that sit high over each of the end zones, keeping track of the score and showing instant replay.  The US Bank Stadium scoreboards are manufactured with the help of local company Digi International.

Digi International was founded in Minnesota in 1985, at the time focusing on “connecting PCs together through a serial interface.” In simpler terms, Chief Operating Officer Kevin Riley says that Digi was “making computers talk to other computers.” The company went on to pioneer technology that allowed computers to exchange information at faster and faster speeds, technology that is now used in the US Bank Stadium scoreboards to make sure the people watching get nearly instantaneous updates on the action.

Although they can’t promise a winning score, this Minnesota company can assure Vikings fans of a top-notch and up-to-date presentation of the game.