Kevyn Burger

Feature Writer

Where can we usually find you on your lunch break?
Trying a new restaurant. I'm cheap and lunch entrees are more likely to be bargain-priced.

If you had to live in a place other than Minnesota, where would it be?
Reykjavik, Iceland. My all time fave vacation was there. Since I don't plan to ever leave Minnesota, why not name a place that's a little off-the-wall?

List one quirk that most people don't know about you.
Some like it hot. I love super spicy food — the kind that makes my nose run and my head sweat. Bring it on.

When you were five, you thought you'd grow up to be a...
Dr. Seuss. I was obsessed with The Cat in the Hat and loved silly rhymes and playing with words. Still do.

What's your favorite section of Minnesota Business magazine?
The blog. A great way to keep up with what's new.

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