megan effertz

Microsoft is taking advantage of the Super Bowl to bring together big brands, local brands and connect them to sports and the local business community at the Microsoft Technology Center in Edina. Read More
On February 3, watch the real stars of the Super Bowl at the Walker. Sure, there’s a football game going on. And yes, the halftime show is very nice. But let’s be honest, the real stars of the Super Bowl — the thing that keeps people talking long after the winning team has declared that they’re heading to Disney World — are the commercials. Read More
Negotiating compensation can be a daunting task, particularly for women. In a study of Carnegie Mellon University graduates, researcher Linda Babcock found that while 57% of men graduating with a masters degree said that they negotiated their salaries when offered a new position, only 7% of women graduating with a masters degree did the same. Those who did found the payoff worth the risk: The recent grads who negotiated received, on average, 7.4% more than their initial offers.  Read More