MN Cup launches 13th competition on March 20!

Each year brings new growth

By Melissa Kjolsing
Tue, 2017-02-21 14:25

MNCUP Milestones

It’s hard to believe that it’s already March. In addition to the many other things associated with this month, including great college basketball games and the anticipation of spring, it also means the launch of the next MN Cup competition.

As MN Cup heads into its 13th year, we took a look back at the growth the program has seen over the last several years.


  • $200,000 in prize money was awarded
  • 1,100 participated in the competition
  • There were 440 entries
  • Educational component added
  • Greater Minnesota partnerships established 


  • $300,000 in prize money was awarded
  • 1,250 participated in the competition
  • There were 500 entries
  • The Food/Ag/Beverage division was created
  • The MN Cup Women’s Initiative was created


  • $327,000 in prize money was awarded
  • 1,300 participated in the competition
  • There were 520 entries
  • The MN Cup team rebranded and launched a new website
  • The Social Entrepreneurship Series was created
  • MN Cup and General Mills hosted EAT: Entrepreneurs At the Table
  • The MN Cup team hit the road to share our competition with entrepreneurs at the Greater MN Roadshow

With the launch of applications on March 20, our team is excited to see how this year’s competition will continue to grow and how entrepreneurs will benefit from the mentorship, seed money and exposure for their ideas, products and technologies the competition provides.

For those interested in applying, applications, information regarding the MN Cup process, and schedule and numerous additional resources can be found here. Applications will be due on April 28 at 11:59 PM.


Melissa Kjolsing is the director of the Minnesota Cup, an annual entrepreneur competition at the University of Minnesota.