Stephen Fluin, chief strategy and innovations officer at MentorMate

MobCon brings business professionals together to talk mobile tech

Wearable tech expert Stephen Fluin previews upcoming conference

By Erica Rivera

“Wearable technology is coming. You have to give up some of your assumptions of how wearables will work,” says Stephen Fluin, chief strategy and innovations officer at MentorMate, a web app development company.

Fluin is one of 40 presenters who will take part in MobCon, a two-day mobile technology conference that unites executive, IT, mobile strategy, and business professionals. With over 700 attendees expected for the 30 sessions scheduled at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis on Nov. 13 and 14, MobCon approaches developments in mobile technology from a number of different perspectives to help businesspeople understand, respond to, and take advantage of mobile technology. Whether you’re trying to identify which devices your target market uses most or how to incorporate iPads into company meetings, the MobCon community can help you leverage technology to your business’ advantage.

“These are all really exciting technologies, not just because of the form factor, but because they enable us to centralize and manage information and workflow in a way that we’ve never been able to do before,” Fluin says.

Wearable tech, the topic of Fluin’s MobCon session, is a field he describes as “still fledgling.” One of the hurdles wearable tech developers face is figuring out how to engage users without letting tech physically get in the way. Fluin, who relies on Google Glass and an Android Moto 360 watch to stay connected, says, “The idea is not to strap someone up with 10 wearable devices and spend all day thinking about and touching those devices. The hope is that you give them two or three wearable devices as well as a smartphone or some sort of hub that enables better interaction without a person having to think about or manage their technology.”

The ultimate goal is to create a seamless experience for users. To this end, MobCon attendees and presenters alike will share insights and discuss solutions for interacting with mobile users and customers.