Photo by Emily J. Davis

With his genial grin and wrestler’s build, Alex Rodriguez is a familiar face and form at events that connect professionals of color.
As he turns 23 this month, the local A-Rod, as he is sometimes called, is a power-hitter on the startup scene.
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Asiya co-founders Fatimah Hussein [L] and Jamie Glover

An innovative Minnesota-based startup takes its next step with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign that goes live on October 19. Read More

Difficult conversations about inclusion and diversity have been on the agenda of priorities for many Twin Cities civic and business groups.
Now add the Impact Hub MSP to the organizations that are looking for innovative ways to open the workforce to populations that have been marginalized in the past.
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Damola Ogundipe (left), Jasmine Russell (center) and Mondo Davison (right). Photo by Tate Carlson

Mondo Davison is taking The Big Step.
After months of planning, the young man who calls himself “The Black Tech Guy” is resigning his day job to pursue his fledgling tech startup full time.
“I call it a leap of calculated faith,” says Davison, 31, who has put in seven years as a project coordinator with St. Paul public schools. “It’s time to give this my all.”
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Ker Lor of KL Clothing in Hmong Village started her business five years ago with a small stall in Hmong Village in St. Paul. Now this young entrepreneur owns three stalls selling popular clothing. My wife thought she struck a gold mine after visiting that store! Read More

Tasha Byers, manager of workforce initiatives for the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce

In the next few weeks, Minnesota’s major employers and hundreds of lawyers, accountants and MBA’s of color will get a first-of-its kind survey. It will ask them how the Twin Cities can keep professionals of color happy — and keep them living and working in the region. Read More
Surprise! It is not only white men investing in startup businesses these days! Women and minorities are becoming bigger factors in this investment landscape and early data indicates this will continue to change the type of business that are receiving funding. Read More
Minnesota tech companies that want more workplace diversity are putting their money where their collective mouth is.
More than three dozen companies are publicly promising to expand tech job opportunities for underrepresented populations, including people of color, women and the LGBTQ community.
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