editor's note

We hope this issue will help you reflect on the idea of a workplace culture and how to improve it. But first, we need to understand the idea of what a culture is. When I was growing up, to be cultured meant that you attended operas and art openings, and knew which fork to use in formal settings. But then the Beatles and Andy Warhol got big, so we had pop culture. Read More
We are always asked around this time of year, “What is the difference between power and (real) power?” The short answer is that power in itself can do either wonderful or terrible things, but (real) power has an authenticity that grounds it in concern for reality in all of its dimensions. Read More
When business people make decisions, numbers are their friend. They thirst for quantitative data as the basis for judgments. But when predictions based on numerical calculations fall short, it often means “back to the drawing board.” More and more this leads to a journey into the unknown, where numbers become less relevant than the qualitative state of the human experience. Read More

This is the first time since I have become editor in chief that I actually know the people on the front cover. I worked with Angela Davis years ago at KSTP-TV, and I met Duchesne Drew when we were both on the board of the local branch of the Society of Professional Journalists. One year, the SPJ holiday party was at their house. Read More
In our Second Annual CEO Survey, we found that the single biggest fear that keeps CEOs up at night is worrying about making the right decision. Read More
We are at another juncture of our political cycle where soon we will arise en masse, trudge to the polls and — with more holding their noses than ever before — collectively choose our new commander in chief. I am only somewhat more optimistic than those touting the bumper sticker “Giant Meteor — 2016 — Just end it already!” Read More
Some of my earliest memories were at my grandmother’s dairy farm in Stockholm, Wisconsin. I remember being attacked by a chicken. I was defeated for the moment, but I’ve had revenge numerous times over the years, aided and abetted by BBQ sauce and mesquite smoke. Read More
I can’t tell you how excited we are to welcome our second cohort of Young Entrepreneurs into the Minnesota Business community. My exposure to last year’s group has profoundly changed my way of thinking. Read More
The most depressing news I have heard recently is that the National Institute of Health is only funding about 20% of the applicants for its medical research grants. A friend of mine in that field says that there are plenty of excellent companies that got rejected. Read More