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Photo courtesy of Spoon Optional

“As a busy mother of three, I found soups to be a healthy and filling snack or meal option when I was on the go,” says Nancy Fink, owner and founder of Spoon Optional. Nancy wants to change the way people think about soup. “We typically think to eat soup hot in a bowl when it’s cold outside. Read More
Back in 1909, on the corner of Lake Street and Hennepin Avenue, Albert Abdallah knew he had the perfect recipe. A Lebanese native and newcomer to the country, he knew he would have to create a product with the highest quality to guarantee success. Read More
The owner and president of Vistabule, Bert Taylor, loved old-fashioned trailers, and after a friend told him to Google “teardrop trailers,” he found his calling. Taylor calls the traditional teardrop trailer “small, claustrophobic coffins.” So he set out to create one that was welcoming, the type of space people would want to live in. Read More

In Minnesota, changing weather and outdoor equipment can wreak havoc on the inside of your car. Spring Park-based Canvasback creates custom interior car protection products. Read More
For children, the doctor’s office is often a scary place where they get poked, prodded and stuck with needles. Pedia Pals is working to change that. The company is co-owned by Amanda Powell, CEO and former U.S. Air Force captain, and CFO Jonathan Powell, who is also an Air Force veteran. Read More
Stumbling across a Facebook post about the plastic pollution problem, Paula Polasky began exploring the topic further through websites and blogs.
“It opened my eyes to a problem that people don’t typically talk about,” says Polasky. “It resonated with me. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.”
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While on a trip to his family’s cabin in central Minnesota, Jason Lawinger was enjoying a snack of cashews. He and his son, then two years old, began play-wrestling, when suddenly his son’s face swelled in reaction to the cashew salt left on his dad’s sweatshirt. The diagnosis was swift — nut allergy — and the doctor recommended an EpiPen. Read More
Success hasn’t changed MyPillow inventor Mike Lindell. Certainly, his good fortune with his company (My Pillow Inc.) has transformed his small family business into a big employer, but his business model and philosophy on life? Rock solid. Read More
Jesse Lammi wanted to find a way to keep aging family members close. After his grandfather injured himself at age 92 and ended up in a nursing home, Lammi found it distressing to watch his grandfather leave loved ones and become isolated from his community. Read More