The robots are here.
I’m not talking about the human-looking, talking variety — not yet, at least. The robots that are working in many Minnesota companies today have arms and grippers. Manufacturers are considering the advantages of robotics and other automation to increase productivity, reduce labor shortages and enhance workplace safety.
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While presenting at the February 12th Gears & Gadgets meeting, King Banaian, dean of St. Cloud State University, reflected on the state of manufacturing in 2017 and shared insights for 2018.
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As Minnesota's gross domestic product grows, more and more manufacturing companies are looking for guidance in how to protect themselves without impeding innovation. Late last year, Minnesota Business convened a panel of experts to address those issues. Read More

The backyard shed of Jackson Jones’ Mankato home is the creative center of Primate Longboards, a new skateboard company, that makes handcrafted wooden boards with original decorative designs. Read More
Long before probiotics became a household name, Sita Dash, PhD, a New American entrepreneur, began groundbreaking work on manufacturing a robust probiotic strain in 1979. He completed his doctorate at South Dakota State University in 1973 and served as director of South Dakota’s Food and Drug Administration. Read More
Information and technology has not always had the same focus as new manufacturing technologies for Industrial Fabrication Services (IFS), a Minnesota manufacturing company. That is, until IFS saw that investing in IT could improve the way they served their customers, and remain a strong competitor in the custom metal fabrication market place. Read More
When it comes to home-improvement projects people really look forward to, replacing windows probably doesn’t sit at the top of the list. Even if your existing windows are old, out-of-date, broken, or drafty, and you know that it’s necessary and you’ll be glad when you’re done…there’s probably a reason no one gets excited about it, right? Read More

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The numbers tell the story. The most recent available figures show approximately 97,000 open positions across Minnesota Read More
His life was all planned out. TJ Bonnett obtained an accounting degree at the University of St. Thomas, and joined his family’s accounting firm. He assumed operational control of the family business in his early 30s. But Bonnett soon discovered he was not satisfied. He wanted a bigger challenge, and the opportunity to develop his skills as an executive. Read More