MN Cup Update

Vugo Invited to Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS)
Automobili-D Program MN Cup’s 2016 High Tech Division winner, Vugo, was nominated as one of 50 startups to participate in the Automobili-D program.
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I love that Minnesota Business magazine has dedicated an entire issue to women leaders. We’re an incredibly fortunate business community because we have numerous women to feature and likely not enough space in one issue to capture all of these talented people (a good problem to have). Read More
Gopher Angels has now put $11 million into high-potential startups connected to Minnesota. Recent investments in a variety of companies highlight the breadth and depth of support that Gopher Angels provides to startups in the region. Read More

Last September, local startup Astro HQ won the MN Cup Grand prize and walked away with $80K in cash. Its app Astropad turns the iPad into a professional graphics tablet for Mac, and the app has been gaining traction in the art community. Read More
2015 MN Cup Social Division Runner-up: Read More
Civic Eagle is obsessed with the idea of changing the way that we, the people of the United States, engage with our government and each other. Read More

Former Ry-Krisp plant, now home to Woodchuck

WOODCHUCK Update – General Division Winner Read More
Astropad, the 2015 MN Cup Grand Prize Winner, continues to grow aggressively. Apple introduced a new iPad and stylus (the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil) in November 2015 and it caused Astropad’s sales to climb 3x from when they participated in last year’s MN Cup. Read More
The 12th annual MN Cup competition will close its application round at 11:59 PM on Friday, May 6. Read More