navigating change

Photo by Jessica Stoe

Bob Gardner loves people. As owner of Gardner Builders, a Minneapolis-based construction company that truly cares about making clients’ experiences enjoyable, he is often found interacting with trade partners, clients, influencers in the business and his team. He says if his team doesn’t feel inspired, he’s not doing his job. Read More

Photo by Rachel Nadeau

Although only in his mid-thirties, Studio/E member Justin Hanratty has blazed a path that takes most people a half-century to achieve. President of his father’s insurance brokerage Hanratty & Associates by 2010 and CEO by 2013, Justin already has years of leadership experience under his belt. Read More
We are of the belief that when it comes to pursuing an idea, two heads are better than one. It’s why our program has an entire day’s worth of curriculum to focus on what we call Enrollment, or the practice of incorporating people into your idea by identifying their self-interest in it. Read More

Greg Heinemann has been at the helm of many brand-building businesses, collecting titles such as senior vice president, founder and investor. His newest venture is changing the health care landscape and he’s doing so right here in our backyard. Read More
It isn’t every day you meet a leader at the SVP level as humble and genuine as Studio/E member and Master Julie Guggemos. Senior vice president of product design and development at Target Corporation, Julie has a demanding job, but in her presence she fully concentrates on you — with no phone in sight. Read More
Chad Gillard stumbled into the food business by accident. He was running a concert stage at an Irish Fair with a friend and realized he couldn’t get a proper scone or potatoes there. So the next year he and his family set up a booth selling those two disparate food items. Read More
Studio/E member Irene Fernando is a force to be reckoned with. She has packed into her three decades more than many do in a lifetime — and she has only just begun. Read More

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Act-Learn-Build is the heart of the Studio/E method. It’s the process of taking small action steps, learning from each one and building upon that learning. Read More
Studio/E Sponsor Rhoda Olsen is a gifted, high-energy leader. She, along with her talented team and franchisees, created a Great Clips culture that has produced consistent, profitable growth for more than a decade. Growth takes talent. Profitable growth requires talent, leadership and a great culture.  Read More