Velaasa is on track to alter the course of the specialty-sport shoes market
Lynden Reder was hitting rock bottom when he visited his father’s grave for the first time. He had been spending countless insomniac nights worrying. The father of two young children had just taken a tremendous risk by pouring everything he had into Velaasa, his track-and-field and Olympic-performance shoe business.  Read More
Commercial construction online inspiration center opens for business
Albert Lea–based Mortarr has launched an imagery-driven and search-based online community for brands and professionals — such as architects, builders, designers and contractors — in the commercial construction and design industry. Read More
We know you just upgraded a mere five years ago but it's time to replace that legacy technology
Your hardware, software and applications won’t last more than about four or five years under the best of circumstances. Just when it seems that everyone in the office has gotten used to their new, shiny everythings, IT lets you know your system is overdue for a revamp.   Read More

Information and technology has not always had the same focus as new manufacturing technologies for Industrial Fabrication Services (IFS), a Minnesota manufacturing company. That is, until IFS saw that investing in IT could improve the way they served their customers, and remain a strong competitor in the custom metal fabrication market place. Read More
The Singularity itself — the moment when human and machine intelligence become inseparable — heralds “the dawning of a new civilization that will enable us to transcend our biological limitations and amplify our creativity.” Read More
One of the Twin Cities most promising med tech startups is settling into a new office, laboratory and manufacturing space in a Maple Grove office park. Read More
Society and business are changing at exponential rates. Advances in robotics and artificial intelligence are already disrupting our labor model and putting people out of work. Read More
This month's Industry Watch + takes a closer look at tech in Minnesota, including elements of a successful startup, creating farm teams, and how tech can help Greater Minnesota gain jobs. Read More
Modern manufacturing is a technology-driven enterprise. It’s simply not optional for manufacturers to keep abreast of technological changes pertinent to their industries. Those that do, thrive; those that don’t, struggle. It might be essential, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Read More