You have a key open position in your company and three candidates as finalists. You closely evaluate their experience, education and professional associations, check their references and scan their LinkedIn profiles. Read More

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Today is the annual workplace event that is known as Boss’s Day.
It’s a chance to make a career-limiting move — or an opportunity to enhance your standing in the office.
But mostly, Boss’s Day represents a dilemma, both for employees and their supervisor/managers. It’s easy to get it wrong, both on the giving and the receiving end.
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PwC is growing rapidly in Minnesota, thanks to the dynamic intersection of Fortune 500 companies, startups and family-owned businesses. But Managing Partner Tom Montminy says it could be growing even faster of it could recruit and retain more highly talented workers. Read More

JL Buchanan uses its corporate bike fleet to show off Minneapolis to clients. Photo courtesy of Handsome Cycles.

Minneapolis-based Handsome Cycles has a well-deserved reputation for crafting durable, aesthetically pleasing cruisers and road bikes. Its retro fenders and bespoke accessories aren’t half bad either. For ladies and gentlemen about town (read: hipsters), there’s no better bike manufacturer in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Read More
Design Ready Controls, a maker of electronic control panels, grew so fast in its Rockford home that it grew short of both space and workers. That’s why CEO Troy Schmidtke decided to build its new $10 million facility in Brooklyn Park. Read More

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People seem even more wrapped up than usual in their phones this summer, no? Blame Pokemon Go, the mobile insta-craze behind the distracted walking epidemic. Read More
Technology companies like to create a vision of the ‘corner office’ as anywhere a leader wants to be: the beach, the gym or sitting on a deck in the woods. Read More

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If a sports fan has a 100-inch flat screen, a comfortable couch and a fridge stocked with brewskis, why does he need to go to a stadium to watch his favorite team?
A cinephile with the same great room layout plus a Netflix account could pose the same question about a movie theater.
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Every nine seconds, an American worker seeks medical attention for a workplace injury. Each injury costs, on average, $40,000, including direct and indirect losses. So American employers lose $250,000 every minute to a problem that, by and large, can be prevented. Read More