Chris Behrens, president and CEO of YA. Photo by Emily Davis

From his corner office in the Lumber Exchange Building in downtown Minneapolis, Chris Behrens enjoys a picture-perfect view of the five-story-tall Bob Dylan mural, painted on the building directly across the street.
Featuring three images representing the long career of the Minnesota-born musician, the eye-catching triptych is entitled “The Times They Are A-Changin’.”
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Photo courtesy of Uponor.

Uponor Corporation, a Finland-based water systems company with a major presence in Apple Valley, recently announced what it calls “the next wave of the smart home”: an “intelligent water solution that protects family homes Read More
The CIO of TCF Financial, Tom Butterfield, shares his thoughts about technology, leadership and other topics with host Jeff Martin on the sixth episode of Driving Change. In the video series, Martin takes leading technology executives for a ride in his Prius as he picks their brains. Butterfield discusses evolution vs. Read More

Minnesota IT security professionals attend the security roundtable at Butcher and the Boar in downtown Minneapolis.

You text in the old hunt and peck style, using your two index fingers; your teenaged daughter is a whiz texting with the two thumb technique.
Imagine a security system that could identify if there was a change in your — or her — user pattern, and could recognize an alteration in style as a possible breach by a scammer.
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Tech entrepreneur Jeff Martin is launching another video series focusing on executives in the tech industry — Lead by Change. Read More

Nick Roseth, founder of DocuMNtary

A lot of people in Minnesota don’t know about the history and growth of the state’s tech industry. And beyond Minnesota, even fewer know about what we have here. Nick Roseth plans to increase that awareness through a series of short documentaries under the auspices of DocuMNtary. Read More
Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, get a bad rap. Many folks think of drones either as weapons of war — the Predator drones that prowl the skies above the Middle East — or creepy surveillance tools that help the feds spy on law-abiding citizens. Read More
Like most solutions, it began with a problem: an infant cried at night because her room got too cold. The cause was that the thermostat was in another room. The father, a Burnsville-based inventor, created a building automation system that would make every room comfortable, and launched his company two years ago. Read More

Coding at the 2015 Hack the Gap hackathon, courtesy of Hack the Gap.

The IT industry’s lack of gender diversity isn’t a Minnesota-only problem, and it won’t be solved in Minnesota alone. But momentum appears to be building behind Minnesota-based advocates for women in tech. Thanks to their efforts, the industry’s notorious boys’ club finds itself under serious threat. Read More