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The thousands of employees who took our anonymous online survey totally disagreed with each other by saying the same thing: I work at the best place! Oh sure, the raw numerical scores allow the Best in Class companies to rise to the top of the pack, but the underlying truth is that we have 100 winners. Read More
This month's Industry Watch + takes a closer look at retention, including results from our 100 Best survey on what employees really want and insight on choosing the right benefits for employees. Read More
MNBIZ: You started as an accountant. Did you go to school wanting to become an accountant? Read More

Success is hard to come by when you aren’t clear on your strengths and values. All too often folks are stuck, whether disengaged or underutilized, within organizations. The answers needed to find success are within us all, but sometimes it takes the right person to pull them out. Read More
You have a key open position in your company and three candidates as finalists. You closely evaluate their experience, education and professional associations, check their references and scan their LinkedIn profiles. Read More

Gears and Gadgets
February 1, 2017, 4:00 – 6:30 PM
Minneapolis Marriott Northwest
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Nichol Beckstrand

Nichol Beckstrand of Sunrise Banks shares how she fosters culture within the company.
How do you go about attracting the right people in the right place to foster your culture? Is it just attracting the right people? Is it all about the hiring process?
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Every month, Minnesota Business shares a roundup of new hire and promotional news. Do you have new hire news to share? Email Managing Editor Megan Gosch to be included in our monthly listing.
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Older, wiser, more experienced women warned us:
Speak up. Don’t speak up. Be assertive. Raise your hand. Calm down. Interrupt. Be nice. Don’t be intimidating. Don’t be angry. Stop shouting. Dress respectably. Be confident. Above all, don’t ever, ever, ever be vulnerable.
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