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Recent expansion strategically located to attract workers

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A survey released earlier this summer examines how smart phone use affects office productivity — but the solution is far from clear
Office furniture dealer iSpace seeks Pinterest-worthy impressions

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Progressive workspaces focus on flexibility and fun instead of private offices and cubicles.

Monica Seme, principal consultant for Superior Insight Consulting

Good leaders are only a test away from becoming even better
Concern for safety now extends beyond the workplace
It’s hard to keep track of them, so here’s our latest listing for your office away from home
Minneapolis marketing agency argues that the tournament actually builds workplace connections

Exosome Diagnostics intern David Fowler speaking to students about SciTechsperience at Augsburg College

The SciTechsperience internship program matches STEM students with small and midsize companies
On Feb. 20, companies scout for future stars at the University of Minnesota Job and Internship Fair